About us

"Our mission is to be one of our nation's foremost leading Life
Safety providers, with multiple disciple technologies from concept
to fruition."

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide New York City Metropolitan area healthcare and commercial facilities with services and hardware that improve life-safety for employees and visitors as well as contribute to building management for its owners and operators.

Our vision is to be the nation's leading provider of innovative automated door control systems and contribute to building management for facility owners and operators in an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner.

From Windowman Inc to WM Industries (WMI)

Incorporated in NYC in 1983 Bruce Schmutter established a reputation for his expertise in the technical and code compliance aspects of door and windows. In early 2000 a number of customers asked WMI to solve the frequently reoccurring problems associated with automated door repair. The solution, WMI’s patented Portal Logics™ integrated automated door control system, which was developed by 2003 (patent issued in 2011). As a result, WMI has evolved from a window fabrication, installation and repair company to a state-of-the-art integrated automated door system technology firm.

WMI's business is the installation, repair, and maintenance of doors and windows with a focus on the healthcare industry (hospitals and other healthcare facilities) in the New York City Metropolitan Area. WMI’s Portal Logics™ suite of integrated automated door control and related building management systems are the only products on the market with the features and customer benefits offered – the product’s patented universal “black-box” responds to a market need that is not otherwise met by competitors’ products – a universal door control that integrates all the functions associated with the door through a single system.

The company has patent-protected technology, a recognized position in the New York City Metropolitan Area healthcare market, the industry acknowledged door, building management, and compliance expertise of its President, Bruce Schmutter, and extensive industry and healthcare relationships that markedly contribute to marketing and community education on WMI products.

Principal features of Portal Logics™ are the following:

• Offers multiple modes of operation alternatives that can be tailored to each customer’s needs
• Intelligent system resolves the conflicts between priorities of safety, fire, security, and daily operations
• Offers “plug-and-play” capabilities designed for current systems and for the future evolution and upgrades of installed systems
• Intuitive diagnostic tools assure ongoing system integrity and operation
• Reporting and journal (data recording) functions
• Real-time messaging and mass notification capability when integrated with communications
• Enhanced American Disabilities Act functionality
• Integration of local, state and federal codes and industry standards

Why did we move from windows installation to doorway integration services?

Before the creation of WM Industries

- Institutional doors open 300,000 to 700,000 per year ; at least 1 major component failure per year

- Current installation is 100 man hours or more ; current average time to repair is days to weeks

- Institutional doors have become a mixture of multiple components serviced by numerous vendors

- No single point-of-contact for all institutional doorway needs

Creation of Portal Logics™ and more

Portal Logics™, Hydro Logics™, and FacilitySoft are patented and protected under Patent No. US 7,965,178 B1, with a Date of Patent of Jun 21, 2011, titled SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTEGRATED FACILITY AND FIREGROUND MANAGEMENT, inventors Bruce E. Schmutter and David B. McCauley. The software for the controller and FacilitySoft are considered proprietary and treated as a Trade Secret.

Portal Logics™ is the automated door control system of the future, a state-of-art system for door control integration and management with 10 years of proven field experience. Installed in hospitals, schools, commercial and government facilities

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