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WM INDUSTRIES provides end-to-end compliance solutions to enable JCAHO readiness, SOC reporting and continuous PFI and BMP efforts amidst ever-changing regulations and constant evolution in facility design and use of space.

Services range from code consulting, fire door labeling and facility assessment to correction of deficiencies. We can repair, upgrade or replace all types of doors.

We add value by focusing on the key drivers of effective compliance: accurate definition of fire & smoke barriers,
up-to-date occupancy data, plan of egress and existing fire protection systems. Building on this analysis, we:

(1) identify, tag and assess all relevant door locations,
(2) identify deficiencies, and
(3) make that information available for analysis, flexible “on-demand” reporting as well as for subsequent edits and updates by authorized users. In addition to expertise in code compliance and door service, we can help clients leverage information technology. Our approach to IT systems and tools is client specific and practical. In addition to immediate benefits, we design solutions to serve clients over the long term, easily accommodate changes in requirements and allow data sharing across departments and systems. We can help you to:

- Assess compliance requirements based on accurate, verified fire/smoke barriers, current occupancies, egress plans and fire protection systems
- Evaluate and ID-tag your doors. Identify and correct existing deficiencies
- Develop a"live" data system that incorporates digital blueprints with exact door locations

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