FacilitySoft® - Facility Management Device

Presentation and benefits

A system & project management framework for the overall building; providing design reference, installation or implementation guidance & assembly/operational validation, uniting the endeavors of a diverse user group.

FacilitySoft® comprises a collection of stand-alone and cloud components including : compliance, database, design plug-in, and reporting and configuration tools. FacilitySoft® intuitively guides, educates and incorporates Lessons Learned into the pooled knowledgebase.

• Cost effective platform to design, manage and validate projects end-to-end inclusive of procedural, structural, financial and aesthetic design/performance criteria

• Flexible design/build/management framework that provides secure access to a multitude of users to a single dataset

• Eliminating redundancy of products, personnel and outside consultants

• Tools/templates for consistency & efficiency with reduced manpower/skillset requirements

• Liability reduction thru qualified risk exposure minimizes errors and omissions

• Increased client satisfaction and market protection

• Provides a platform for additional revenue streams


Clients Private Access

Doorway integration services




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