10/09/2013 Open House Day was a great success
E-sign job tracking system (08/08/2013)

With the aim of increasing the accuracy and being more environmentally friendly as well as providing better customer service, we are pleased to introduce our new “e-sign” tracking management process.

WM Industries is also very proud to introduce its new Work Request confirmation.

WMI New Website & Logo (08/01/2013)

WM Industries is proud to present you our new website and logo. We have done our best to give you a clear understanding of our business and a first approach to our philosophy, driven by the code compliance and the facility governance concerns.

Our new logo starts from a very simple idea : like a hand, a door is made up of various elements, combining all together to create an efficient system. Sensors, intercom, credential... These add-on can correctly work only if they were integrated in a total system which controls the whole unit, just like the five fingers of a hand.


The Kosher door (05/01/2013)

Automatic and electric doors are quagmires for religious Jews…Due to the balance Shabbos observance and the needs of security and the disabled… Portal Logics provides the first ever solution to satisfy all codes- religious, building and fire… as certified by the Orthodox Union.


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