Portal Logics™ - Doorway Integration Device


Portal Logics™

Portal Logics™ is the automated door control system of the future, a state-of-the-art system for door control integration and management. Principal features of Portal Logics™ are the following.

- Offers multiple modes of operation alternatives that can be tailored to each customer’s needs
- Intelligent system resolves the conflicts between priorities of safety, fire, security, and daily operations
- Offers “plug-and-play” capabilities designed for current and future (3 to 5 years) evolution and upgrades of installed systems
- Intuitive diagnostic tools assure ongoing system integrity and operation
- Reporting and journal (data recording) functions
- Real-time messaging and mass notification capability when integrated with communications
- Enhanced American Disabilities Act functionality
- Integration of local, state and federal codes and industry standards
- Kosher certification for door operation on Shabbat

With the installation of Portal Logics™ on multiple doors in an area of the building or the entire building, the integrated system becomes an area or building management system. The Portal Logics™ automated door control systems can interface with virtually any building management system.

Technical Overview


- Geographical location and occupancy type

- Verification that appropriate components are indeed connected and working as intended

- Cross-referenced jurisdictional codes, standards and manufacturer guidelines

- Potential additional religious and/or site specific functional requirements

Portal Logics™ consists of 4 separate microcontrollers each managing specific aspects of function, communication and control


Clients Private Access

Doorway integration services




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