Portal Logics™ - Doorway Integration Device

- Cross reference protection:

*Child Safety to Anti-Terrorism *Fire Safety to Patient Safety *ADA to Anti-Theft

- Reduces the unecessary opening by 90% while increasing pedestrian safety
- Average time to repair is 3 years or more without single failure in 10 years
- Installation, diagnostic and reporting labor reduced by 90%
- Direct and associated energy consumption reduced by 40%
- Portal Logics™ extends to lifetime of the system and associated components by 600%

FacilitySoft® - Facility Management Device

- Cost effective platform to design, manage and validate projects
- Provides secure access to a multitude of users to a single dataset
- Eliminating redundancy of products, personnel and outside consultants
- Consistency & efficiency with reduced manpower/skillset requirements
- Liability reduction through qualified risk exposure minimizes errors and omissions

Hydro Logics™

- Hydraulic cylinder allowing door to open 110 degrees
- Hydraulic hoses to extend to remote location control box
- Mini-hydraulic pump
- Multi-valve/venturi electrical mechanical hydraulic control

Clients Private Access

Doorway integration services




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