Problem Solving

In order to address the problem, one must further understand the intent of the LifeSafety Code. Doorways must:

- Provide the same barrier protection as the walls they are contained in
- Be appropriate for the intended and actual use of the locations they connect
- Provide a means of managing conflicts when the door is asked simultaneously to be both a barrier and a threshold

Ongoing cyclical costs of attempting to maintain under/inappropriate-designed systems can cause frustration for management and a lack of confidence for the user. Currently, the mean time between failures/repairs is measured in days or weeks as opposed to Portal Logics, which is measured in years.

Responsiveness, flexibility and quality

Throughout its history WMI has prided itself in being close to its customers and their needs. Over these years the company has developed and maintains a cultural of responsiveness to customer needs and the flexibility to meet the challenges inherent in contracting in an institutional environment.

Quality is an important factor in the successfully accomplishment of the contracted work to inspect, maintain, repair (minor and substantial). To ensure the quality of all aspects of the work, WMI will develop and implement a quality program to ensure the quality ensure the quality of work, recordkeeping, and reporting. At the work site the project manager is responsible for the quality of work. The project administrator will perform quality reviews of all site recordkeeping quality of reporting will be conducted by the project manager

Repairs and adjustments

All work on latching and locking, closers and hold opens for manual, magnetic, electronic and automatic doors are included. All components between the controller and the door are fall under this contract

Adjustments is definned by 2 men working up to 20 minutes with standard tools and building standard fasteners to ensure appropriate operation of the door at the time of inspection. Additionally included is sealing of minor penetrations to restore the rating of the door/frame.

WMI has opted to perform all minor repairs at the time of inspection. Accordingly, all minor repairs for an individual location will be performed within the same 24-hour time period.

In the event additional major work is required, it will be reported to the facility within 1 business day. In the event there is an immediate threat to life-Safety, then the facility will be contacted immediately and best efforts will be made to temporarily repair and/or secure the location.

Clients Private Access

Doorway integration services




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