Hardware consulting

The WMI's goal is to determine an approach that meets user's need (safety-centric facility) and ensures compliance, with focus towards Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our method is to make conferences with representatives of all divisions, of each building, that specify, design, build, inspect and repair doors and related systems by reviewing actual field examples of successful implementation.

With its 30 years of experience, WMI is the only vendor on the market to ensure correct operation in all modes of safety, security and Sabbath functionality, offering a 5 years parts and labor warranty.

WMI created Portal Logics to give the appropriate configuration that reduces maintenance costs and improves the safety of your building.

Compliance inspection

The door control market is something that may be new to many individuals or at least misunderstood. In generic terms a door may seem simplistic in nature. However, companies and individuals alike rely on doors, whether its a residential front door to secure a home, a vault door at a bank to secure assets, a pediatrics ward door to safeguard infants, a door is a portal, a portal that needs to be secure, reliable and effective.

The failure of doors to meet specifications results in an adverse impact on construction costs and schedules and increases recurring maintenance costs. Importantly, doorway failure compromises life safety and exposes a facility to litigation, citation and penalty.

A building should be designed, constructed and maintained in order to minimize danger from the effects of fire, including smoke, heat, and toxic gases.

Building features/floor plan review

A building is a hierarchy of nested vessels and conduits. Conduits may be either vertical, as in stairs/elevator shafts or horizontal, as in corridors or connecting rooms. Vessels maybe thought of as individual rooms, suites, wards, floors, or the entire building.

Portals (doors) connect, protect and allow passage between. Portals are the only system within the facility having diametrically opposed purposes: barrier management management (stops people, fire, and environmental conditions, like walls) and threshold management (allowing/managing people)

A Vessel/Conduit/Portal (VCP) perspective of a facility is an evolved and progressive way of understanding and managing the building blocks of a facility.

Repairs/maintenance contract

WMI offers a low risk, low cost, best value contract based on a combination of factors that differentiates WMI from the competition. These factors include:

- Technicians with all the trade skills to accomplish all door inspections, maintenance, and repairs
- Certified compliance administrator on staff
- Project management with over 20 years door experience
- Working knowledge of healthcare facility's door maintenance environment
- Established reputation for responsiveness and flexibility in accomplishing door repairs and maintenance

Clients Private Access

Doorway integration services




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